Fresh Produce Supply, from the Garden of Europe

We are an innovative and dynamic fruit and vegetable wholesale supply company, strategically based in Spain.  

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About Us

Welcome to Marco Fresco, an innovative and dynamic fruit and vegetable import, export and wholesale company, strategically based in Spain.

What we do
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We provide year round supply of fresh produce to clients such as wholesalers, importers, caterers, retailers and processors. Our produce not only comes from Spain, but also the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Italy, to name a few!

How we do it
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We have a strong network of importers, growers and exporters in the EU which allows us to offer our customers produce by the pallet or truck according to their needs. We arrange delivery directly to our customers via our transport network. Direct delivery reduces time in transit and ultimately maximises freshness and value.

United kingdom

A large part of our business is, and will continue to be supplying our UK customers. Whether to the wholesale markets, packers or caterers, we ensure our business with the UK remains unaffected, and we promise to carry the cost of all customs procedures, so you don’t have to.


Known as 'The Garden of Europe', Spain is responsible for 40% of the produce grown in the EU. It is also a gateway for top produce from Morocco, across the water.

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    Some of the fruits we supply include top fruit, berries, citrus, stone fruits and melons

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    Salads & Veg

    We cover the full range including bell pepper, augergine, tomato, cucumber and lettuce, courgette, onion, cauliflower, carrot and more!

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    We provide a range of exotic fruits and veg, such as honey mango, or chilli and scotch bonnet peppers 

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  • 003 garlic
  • 004 strawberry
  • 005 celery
  • 006 pumpkin
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  • 009 pepper
  • 010 peanut
  • 011 peach
  • 013 mango
  • 014 lettuce
  • 015 grape
  • 017 radish
  • 018 mushroom
  • 019 raspberry
  • 020 pineapple
  • 021 apple
  • 022 kiwi
  • 023 orange
  • 024 onion
  • 025 corn
  • 026 lemon
  • 027 cherry
  • 028 leek
  • 029 carrot
  • 030 turnip
  • 031 cabbage
  • 032 broccoli
  • 033 bean
  • 034 avocado
  • 036 banana
  • 035 aubergine

Say Hola

If you are a wholesaler, importer, retailer or just want to practice your Spanish, you can reach out to us here
  • +34 603 70 46 84

Why Marco Fresco

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    It is important to us that customers can depend on us to deliver the quality they expect every time.

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    Tell us your specific needs and we'll make it happen, with round the clock customer service.

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    We strive to exceed the needs of our suppliers and customers, ensuring we give the best service possible.